1. Sunflower Crop Top - click here! 
I just love the sunflower print trend, it's seemingly fresh and versatile. I would probably wear this crop with the boyfriend jeans featured in #2 and the sneakers featured in #8. Maybe I'll throw that gold chain (#6) in the mix too. 

2. Distressed Boyfriend Jeans - click here! (similar) 
Boyfriend jeans add a great casual piece to an aspring outfit. Pair it with a slouchy knit sweater and a gold chain and you're set... try to be a little more creative though. ;) 

3. Silver Patent Sandals - click here!
A sliver, heeled sandal!? Am I in fashion heaven?  I'm already conjuring thousands of outfits that I can pair with these! I need them. No discussion. 

4. 'Aint No Wifey' Beanie - click here!
The beanie says it all! Such a fun piece to wear on those days where I'm just feeling sassy. 

5. Banana Leaf Jumpsuit - click here!
This print is absolutely gorgeous. The silhouette of this jumper is bound to compliment any body type. This would look great with a simple pair of black sandaled heels and a swap of fuchsia lipstick.

6. Gold Chain - click here!
I already have so many gold chains, but I can never seem to get enough. However, I could use this simple gold linked chain. 

7.  Motorcycle Jacket - click here!
Ever since my old leather jacket ripped in about 6th grade (It's still in my closet), I've been looking for another one that suits my needs. This one is so perfect, it hurts. 

8. Platform Sneakers - click here!
Amazing, amazing, amazing! Too bad they dont have my size online. I'm going to cry now. 

9. Neon Satchel - click here! (similar) 
This satchel could easily spice up any bland outfit. I could totally use one of these on my lazy days. 

10. Gold Rings - click here!
If you've read any of my prior blog posts, you'll know that I'm obsessed with gold accessories  They compliment my skin tone and are so modestly glamorous. 

11. Lace Trim Socks - click here!
These socks would look great with converse, heels, and even those H&M sneakers featured in #8.




Florid Beginnings

What I'm Wearing: 1. Topshop cropped knit, Forever21 necklace, H&M printed jeans, Calvin Klein socks, Doc Marten boots 

What I'm Wearing: 2. Topshop cropped knit, H&M printed shorts, Sunglasses (gift), Calvin Klein socks, Doc Marten boots

BRIGHT COLORS ARE SO MY FORTÈ AT THE MOMENT. Not only do they represent summer in a cheery fashion, but they also act as stament pieces-- especially when paired with bold prints. As documented in a recent post, I wore this cropped knit with a pair of high waisted jeans. Soon after those pictures were taken, I knew that there were endless combinations this sweater could endure. Here, as shown above, are two outfits I couldn't get out of my head. This is the beginning of a very long journey with this shirt. I think its simple and fabulous. I'm also really sorry for my awkward legs in almost every full body shot, but thats what happens when you're the height of a giraffe. Now, lets briefly adress the second picture, I DO NOT SMOKE... just thought the shot was pretty artsy. No? Ok.
Say no to drugs, kids.

Recent post with this top: Florid Endings

days until NYC! 




Golden Illusions


What I'm Wearing: Prabal Gurung for Target shirt (tucked in dress)Thrifted high waisted denim shorts, Forever21 gold necklaces, BeyondTheRack gold sneakers 

IN A HUGE CONTRAST TO LAST SEASON, this summer has inspired me to the extreme. Whether you're exploring the city or sitting around the pool enjoying a cold drink, inspiration is everywhere. Summer really brings out the best in nature and people. Luckily for me, I'll be heading to NYC in the span of a couple of days, and everyone knows athat NYC is Toronto's inspiration on steroids. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up a few rad things for back to school and really enjoy myself as summer comes to its end. I'll probably cry when September hits. When I hear the word school, all I really apprehend is stress. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do! To my advantage, I am in an arts based program, so I get to immerse myself in a curriculum that interests me. It's the math part guys, I'll admit it. 
In terms of the outfit, I've really been digging gold accents and accessories  They seem to compliment my skin tone well and the sunny atmosphere we are currently in. I've also been adoring the print on this t-shirt I am wearing- doesn't it scream summer? I'll definitely be digging this baby out in the winter, you know, for remembrance. 
Anyways, I've been taking on a rather exciting project for the last couple of days. I'm creating my own t-shirt from scratch. If you look back at my old blog posts you'll actually see the dress I constructed at FIT. I fell in love with it. Unfortunately, I didn't continue with any sewing practices post that dresses creation. Given that, I'm starting to get back on my feet again by making a simple printed cropped t-shirt. I think it'll look great with a pair of high waisted shorts or my disco pants. Wish me luck. I hope everyone is being productive and having an enjoyable summer. Look forward to a Back To School fashion post and Youtube video in the next month. 




Live For Love

What I'm Wearing: Thrifted denim button up, Topshop "live for love" muscle tee, American Apparel disco pants, Forever21 jeweled sandals

"LIVE FOR LOVE"; one of the many anthems I live by. In order to overcome the trials of life, love is something we need to live for. Do whatever it takes to conquer negativity. Prove people wrong. This shirt does a rather swell job at showcasing this realization. Thank you, Topshop. Oh, and also thank you American Apparel for supplying me with these ultra perfect pants in which I seem to wear everyday. They are quite worth the super awkward dance it takes to get them on. In comparison to all of my other pants, these (with no competition) gain the right as queen in my fashion monarchy. 
Summer is also passing by at an insane pace. I still have a trip to NYC and some travelling to get done before my bask in the summer sun (and sometimes rain) comes to its close.
I hope everyone is having an amazing summer. 


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